HMS Regent

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HMS Regent Taken from files held at the Submarine Museum Gosport.

Discharged dead on 27th February 1943
AB. AE Pickers (Washed overboard in heavy weather)
Discharged Missing Presumed Killed on 18th April 1943
Lt. WNR Knox DSC
Lt. JWS Culham
Lt.PJR Gibson *
Lt. (RNVR) RJ Sutton
Sub-Lt RR Fernie
Warrent Engineer EJC Pratt
Act Warrant Engineer RV Baker
CPO. RA Clifford
PO.RE Lowis
PO. G Ellis
PO. AE Rawlings
PO. S Bayliss
LS. WR Horton
LS. B Rhodes
LS. R Lee
AB. JK Atkinson
AB.B Woods
AB.L Hitches
AB. A Hewett
AB. LA Lipscombe (RNVR)
AB. C Grounsell
AB. H Dewhurst
AB.R Harvey
AB.J Packer RFR
AB.R Skinner
AB. A Backhouse
AB. H King
AB. S Wentworth
AB. GE Shoulder
AB. P Foxhall
L Tel .PJ Hitchcock
L Tel. A Turner
L Tel. A Murry
Tel.W Wilks
Tel.KC Murphy *
Tel. SAA Cox
L Sig. GJ Sawyer
PO.Stwd VJ Harding
L Cook. GW Tierney *
EA.. S Parris (Incorrectly listed in official records as Harris)
CERA. WA Trice (Incorrectly listed in official records a Price)
ERA. AH Jones
ERA.GP Noble
ERA.ERW Russell
ERA. RW Thomson
SPO. J Lemin
SPO.B Tatcham
SPO.H Leech
L Sto. A Moores
L Sto. JE Taylor
L Sto. DH Imison
L Sto. L Gee
L Sto. S Savage
L Sto. E Compton
Sto. B Foster
Sto. J Perry
Sto.JK Hudson
Sto. KL Chesworth*
Sto. H Loughran
Sto. GF Mathews
Sto. RW Lloyd
Sto. R Brown
Sto. Howell


* Indicates as official records states that these crew members were washed up ashore and were examined by the Italians who later buried then at sea.

It has been suggested, with some conjecture that these four crew members were lost before the final sinking in a possible surface gun engagement or other surface incident. The reasons assumed are that L Cook GW Tierney according to family reminiscence was part of the gun team.
  • Four bodies according to AS Evans 'Beneath the Waves' Kimber 1986 were washed ashore on the Italian mainland in the 25 days after the 18th April.
  • On May 1st the body of an engine room artificer clad in blue over-alls was found on a beach at Brindisi. The man was wearing Davis Escape apparatus (DSEA).
  • On the 15th may on a beach at Santa Andea di Missipezza a further body was discovered, also wearing DSEA.
  • The next day another body was found in the area of Torre Santo Stefano, two miles north of Otranto. From the mans clothing and insignia he was taken to be an officer or petty officer.
  • On the same day a further body was found a few miles south at Castro Marina which is 120 miles south of the sinking area near Monopoli. It was judged that the last three men had died twenty five days earlier and the body of at least one was described as 'an advanced state of purification'. The author mentions that the current in this area is conclusive with the sea currents in this area.
To sum up, at present we are still hoping for some definite information concerning identification of these four bodies, it is possible that they are indeed the four named men in official records but the uniform descriptions do not ideally tie up.